Email Marketing

Next-Generation Email Marketing Platforms for Scaling

Have you heard that Email marketing can boost your brand? Yes, but only if they are the right ones! We've heard too many sob stories about companies that spend money on influencers and see no results. It has a lot to do with the influencer strategy. There is no guarantee that someone with a million followers will generate sales for your product or service.

Assuring you stand out in your potential client's inbox

Our targeted influencer marketing campaigns connect you with the right people. With our tried and tested methods, our team at A8om helps companies find the right influencers and ambassadors for their brand, budget, and goal. All negotiations with influencers are handled by us to achieve the best possible terms of cooperation. In addition to designing customized multichannel campaigns (from A to Z), we go the extra mile to evaluate real-time the benefits of influencer marketing. 

Meet our

Our team consists of analysts, designers, teambuilders, digital marketers, project managers, and enthusiastic learners. We are united by our passion for helping others, our fearlessness of the unknown, and our ability to motivate and implement ideas into reality.