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Seventeen years ago, I was a young and passionate Entrepreneur working in London, one of the most advanced cities in the world. As soon as my business entered the growth phase, I realized that there was a gulf of misunderstanding between people from the fields of commerce and administration and those affiliated with branding and marketing. This hindered the growth of my company tremendously making progress slow and difficult.
For over 10 years, I felt the need for branding and marketing strategies and tactics that were tailored specifically to the services of accounting, finance, and business administration. My fate led me to assemble an exceptionally talented digital marketing team. The stars aligned for us, and I found that my vision was very much parallel to what my team intended to do in the future. We decided to join forces on a venture that combined commerce people from my team with the creative marketing team. As a result, we were able to devise and execute strategies and tactics that were tailor-made for commerce-based service provision.
Lo and behold, the idea of A8om was birthed.

It is our skillset that makes us bold and confident

A8om is one of the leading Digital Marketing and Event Management company in London. We are a talented team of like-minded, passionate people working under one roof, specializing in developing exceptional brands, making ideas more insightful and effective, and bringing them to life. We create head-turning brands and memorable events with our innovative process that combines strategic design and intelligent thinking. We strive to fulfill our client’s expectations and objectives creatively and cost-effectively.

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